Tuesday, July 31, 2007


A big motortruck with 3663 emblazoned across the side can be seen regularly in Nairn.

Look at the Numbers on your telephone set and they spell the word 'food'.

These immense figs attracted my attending a few hebdomads ago. Let me explain.

36 old age ago the risen and life Godhead Jesus Of Nazareth Jesus baptised me in the Holy Place Spirit, and having recently turned 63 that logotype on the motortruck spoke vividly, relevantly and personally.

The memory of that of import and unforgettable Lord'S Day eventide in 1969 is as clear as though it were yesterday, but the important facet of what happened is that it have lasted.

Time go throughs fast. Most people remark on how the calendar months and old age travel quickly. But what Supreme Being makes in your life have an ageless dimension.

Having been called by Supreme Being at an earlier age, this quite dramatic Negro spiritual experience happened much later, but it was nil new.

Fifty old age after Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth Jesus rose from the dead he baptised his waiting adherents with the Holy Place Place Spirit, and it lasted with them.

The first adherents were called by Jesus, and anointed with the Holy Spirit three years on. When the risen Jesus Of Nazareth arrested Saul of Tarsus outside Damascus, he was led into the metropolis and three years later filled, with the Holy Place Spirit. It certainly lasted with him.

With all the jobs in our human race just now - crime, alcoholic beverage abuse, clime change, societal upheaval, poorness in assorted states for a assortment of grounds - as exceedingly serious issues look to be escalating, causing increasing concern, we so necessitate the powerfulness of Supreme Being to travel on serving faithfully, without compromising.

When you have the mercy, forgiveness, saving grace and anointing of Supreme Being for service, cognize that it lasts.

Sandy Shaw

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