Tuesday, July 31, 2007


A big motortruck with 3663 emblazoned across the side can be seen regularly in Nairn.

Look at the Numbers on your telephone set and they spell the word 'food'.

These immense figs attracted my attending a few hebdomads ago. Let me explain.

36 old age ago the risen and life Godhead Jesus Of Nazareth Jesus baptised me in the Holy Place Spirit, and having recently turned 63 that logotype on the motortruck spoke vividly, relevantly and personally.

The memory of that of import and unforgettable Lord'S Day eventide in 1969 is as clear as though it were yesterday, but the important facet of what happened is that it have lasted.

Time go throughs fast. Most people remark on how the calendar months and old age travel quickly. But what Supreme Being makes in your life have an ageless dimension.

Having been called by Supreme Being at an earlier age, this quite dramatic Negro spiritual experience happened much later, but it was nil new.

Fifty old age after Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth Jesus rose from the dead he baptised his waiting adherents with the Holy Place Place Spirit, and it lasted with them.

The first adherents were called by Jesus, and anointed with the Holy Spirit three years on. When the risen Jesus Of Nazareth arrested Saul of Tarsus outside Damascus, he was led into the metropolis and three years later filled, with the Holy Place Spirit. It certainly lasted with him.

With all the jobs in our human race just now - crime, alcoholic beverage abuse, clime change, societal upheaval, poorness in assorted states for a assortment of grounds - as exceedingly serious issues look to be escalating, causing increasing concern, we so necessitate the powerfulness of Supreme Being to travel on serving faithfully, without compromising.

When you have the mercy, forgiveness, saving grace and anointing of Supreme Being for service, cognize that it lasts.

Sandy Shaw

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Healthy Grieving Techniques - How To Move Through the Grief Process to Resolution

The greater the love you feel for person or the greater the emotional investing in a given situation, the greater the sense of loss you experience when death, passage or calamity occurs. The depth of heartache you undergo is directly relative to the depth of love experienced, invested or needed. Grieving is actually an facet of love, and healthy bereaved is an enactment of love and remembering love.

The ground that anger, daze and denial disrupt and in some lawsuits halt the heartache procedure is because they take you away from love. That is what they are designed to make as protective mechanisms.

Here's the existent determiner about love and the heartache process—remembering, writing about and talking about love takes you directly into the pain. As this haps however, all of the unconscious defence chemical mechanisms designed to protect you from hurting are activated. This is where the anger, daze and denial come up in. The instinctual reaction of avoiding hurting is natural. If you let this to predominate however, you will never complete a bereaved process. We must be witting of our instincts, and enactment according to our wisdom.

Ultimately it is only a focusing on love that gives you the strength and depth of emotion necessary for moving into your pain, releasing your sorrow and completing the heartache process.

Here are some thoughts and accomplishments you can utilize to ease your ain heartache process:

-Understand that heartache come ups in waves. When the initial daze have on off, the first moving ridge might experience overwhelming. Fortunately, each moving ridge of heartache eventually subsides, just as moving ridges in the ocean do. You can therefore comfortableness yourself during each moving ridge of sorrow with the consciousness that "this too shall pass". The better you react to the moving ridges of grief, the more than quickly they go through and the sooner you will finish your bereaved process.

-The heartache procedure endures from a few calendar months to respective years, depending on the type of loss experienced. That agency the moving ridges will travel on to come up and go for that clip period of time. Fight them and they will just acquire stronger. Learn to travel with them and move through them effectively, and they will subside more quickly.

-Some crying tin be and even necessitates to be done alone, whereas facets of the heartache procedure necessitate that you make at least portion of your crying in the presence of trusted loved ones.

-You absolutely must cognize how to cry. Crying tin actually be seen as a skill, in that some people cognize how to make it, some don't, and it can be taught. Here are some exercisings to assist you shout if you have got trouble doing so:

--Go into a dark or dimly lit room, where you will not be interrupted. Curl up on a bed or on the flooring in a heap of pillows. Let your emotions and the sense experiences in your organic structure be your guide, they will state you what to make if you have got the sensitiveness to listen.

--Make a vocal sound that lucifers with the feelings of sorrow and hurting in your stomach, bosom and throat. This may come up out as a wail, a whimper, a howling or a roar. It is indispensable that you allow these sounds out, as they give you emotional release that otherwise is just not possible.

--Deep, long sobbing is the cardinal to powerful emotional release. That's what you're going for in the attempt to cry. Quietly leaking a few crying is better than nothing, but it won't acquire to the bosom of the matter. When you undergo deep loss your organic structure necessitates to sob, deep and long until you experience a release and a sense of relief. You may necessitate to make this respective modern times during the bereaved process. Sob happens as a sort of rapid coughing or convulsing beat in your belly, so the abdomen must be relaxed for this to happen. Relaxing your tummy and external respiration deeply can often ease crying.

--Sometimes there is a powerful layer of choler or even ramp surrounding sorrow. Because of this, choler release work may sometimes be necessary to let crying to start. I have got seen literally 100s of clients travel into crying after powerful choler release. The verbal statements that mightiness travel with choler release for grieving mightiness be "No, no, no…" Oregon "Why did you go forth me?"

--Grieving rites are extremely of import for those of us in civilizations and societies that make not have got them. Here are some thoughts of rites and ceremonials that may be utile to you, beyond the funeral procedure that most households utilize:

--Your ain private bereaved ceremonial will let you to procedure your feelings and move through your moving ridges of heartache on your ain schedule, requiring nil of
others. Following are some recommendations:

1. Go into a private space where you will not be interrupted.

2. Put on some appropriate music that volition remind you of the individual or that volition link with the feelings you desire to travel through.

3. Light tapers to put a sacred space, and to make a quiet and reverent mood.

4. Take out photographs, videotapes, audiotapes, cards, letters and memorabilia that incorporate or remind you of your lost loved one or of the state of affairs you are grieving. Topographic Point these around you on the flooring or on a tabular array in presence of you.

5. Talk out loud to the departed, or to anyone associated with your loss. You can also compose letters (that you may or may not direct to anyone still alive) expressing all of your feelings.

6. Stay in this space until you experience some sense of release or resolution. Understand that you may necessitate to make this respective modern times during your heartache process, or in some lawsuits 1 such as rite will be sufficient.

7. Ceremonies and rites that affect household and loved 1s also affected can be very healing. Some illustrations include:

--Releasing balloons in a parkland or floating a taper down a watercourse or river.

--Storytelling ceremonies, in which you and your grouping acquire together to trade memories of the departed. Be aware that if these narratives focusing on anger, guiltiness or denial they can make more than injury than good. While it is necessary to travel through these facets of grief, the intent of such as a assemblage is to concentrate on love, release, forgiveness, healing and letting go.

--Memorial services that include combinations of the above elements, for the intent of honoring the departed and the love felt by those left behind.

The attack outlined here can be applied to many sorts of losses. Here is a listing of losings which necessitate a time period of grieving:



-Loss of artlessness through physical or sexual maltreatment

-Loss of love through forsaking or rejection

-Loss of childhood through being required to take on too much duty too soon in life

-Loss of wellness through illness, hurt or aging

-Loss of occupation

-Loss of money through investing downswings and/or alterations in the economic system

-Loss owed to moving away from a place that you loved

-Loss of community because of a geographical move

You may be able to believe of other types of losings that you or others have got suffered. The of import point to maintain in head is that you make not have got to endure from these losings for the remainder of your life. You can take complaint by moving through your ain heartache to a point of peace and resolution, becoming wiser and stronger in the process.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Real Secret - Why I am Sick of Hearing About the Secret & the Law of Attraction

Have you read The Secret? Rich Person you seen The Secret? Bash you cognize about The Law of Attraction?

I'm growing so tired of these questions.....

But first, before I get my rant, delight let me to state that I make believe in, use, practice, and benefit from the law of attraction. You can too.

Having said that, here is my harangue

It's not so much the secret or the law of attractive force that I am ill of actually. It's the people that say "All Iodine have got got to make is set my desires out there to the universe, and everything I desire will come up up up my way."

Oh, bull!

This attack acquires adopted by so many of the lazy dreamers out there, who believe they just have to believe about something and desire it bad adequate and it will come their way.

Yes, absolutely, when you set yourself out there, take risks, and acquire into action, good things can and will come your way.

That however, is not the law of attraction. That is the law of action. That's the existent secret. Good things might come up up to those who just wait, but only those things left over by the people who have got taken action.

You must acquire into action, set yourself out there, and be in the place to detect and have the good things that come your way.

So spell ahead and set what you desire out there to the universe, and then acquire into action so you are ready for when what you desire shows up.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Grief And Loss, My Story

I've been authorship these sorts of narratives for about 10 old age now. I started handing them out to clients in my therapy pattern to see how they would react. Their responses were typically positive. Those in heartache knew right away how their loss had affected them and they reported finding comfortableness here in these words.

A few old age ago, I establish out for myself what an impact these narratives could have got when I went through the heartache of losing my mother. That event tossed me into a state where unhappiness and loss were my chief companions. I stayed there for many months. Re-reading the narratives and contemplations brought me hope. They provided comfortableness when I turned to them. I was reminded that my gift for authorship had come up from above, that these narratives had arrived via "cosmic e-mail," and they could profit anyone, including myself.

At first, I couldn't understand why I had been "selected" for this. Then it occurred to me that, to this point, this had been my life theme. Seeking comfortableness for myself through my ain trials and trials had steered me towards guidance and therapy where I brought comfortableness to others because I knew how they felt. I "knew" these experiences from the interior out.

I'm not in those fortune anymore. My heart, which had been badly bruised in earlier years, have been mending nicely for some time. I had to allow travel of my private pattern because I'd given too much, and not conserved enough emotional energy for my ain needs. Burnout is a very tough lesson.

Here I am at this phase in my life, reflecting on what I've done and wondering where to travel next. These narratives and contemplations come up back to me now in a vastly different way. I see them as a gift to myself and to those agony through their ain losses. Having been there a few more than modern times lately, I think it's clock to share once again. My last large loss was my calling and, as a result, I've had to larn how to reconstruct myself into the individual I'm supposed to be now, as per the Cosmic Plan.

Currently, my life is more than about giving, caring and, yes, "receiving." That's a large word nowadays. So many of us workaholics were too busy slamming into walls to see the virtue of that one. Not to worry, I'm in good company. Thousands more people are colliding with their several walls these days. If it isn't work related "burnout," then it's the decease of a household member or friend. Climbing the ladder of success for hand clapping or that corner business office have lost its luster. So many people are now saying "I don't believe so, not anymore." All of those ends that "invite" and then "take us apart" are semblances of course. I, like so many, was seduced into believing that this was the right path; till we crashed.

This book is for "lovers," for people who desire to fall back in love with their Self, in the healthy sense, in the artistic and ingenious sense, in the manner that Supreme Being designed us. "In His Image" right? Well, so it states in the good book. Let's return a near expression shall we. Are we here just for ourselves, or to do a contribution? Are we here to soar up with the eagles, or to fire up like a falling satellite? What's our narrative anyhow? Let's inquire that and see what replies we come up up with.

Yes, let's look at ourselves more than closely and ask: "What makes Grief have got got got to learn me?" Let's human face it, when the bits are down and we don't have friends to attain out to, then we have very little. Because what Grief says, loud and clear, is: "You can't make this alone." And that is it in a nutshell. Let this book be your "friend" for now, while you travel out there and obtain some comfortableness and loving, the sort of friendly relationship that volition remind you: "You are not alone." He'll be there waiting for you, in whatever "shape" you require. Count on that and: "Believe."

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

If There Are 10 Secrets to Success - This is #1

Something pretty "out there" occurred to me over the last year! You know, what have this cat been smoking?" kind of stuff. So for what it is worth, here is the implicit in secret behind all of the small things that happened which brought me success.

It is the secret within all of the self-help books that you have got got probably read, but might have never really "gotten." In fact, they probably left you more than defeated then when you started.

I can relate. It took me about six old age to finally comprehend this secret. Until you acquire this portion of your life and your caput where it necessitates to be, you will never be successful. It is impossible. You must acquire this right.

There is no website, selling system, Pb source, or merchandise that volition save you. If you don't acquire your caput where it necessitates to be, everything else is just a waste material of time, money, and efforts. Success in anything in life, including web marketing, is 90% mental, and 10% mechanical (executing the business).

This is going to sound strange. Very strange. But, here is what you really necessitate to "get," and acquire fast; Everyone of us dwells in a different human race and different reality.

In fact, there are six billion+ worlds taking topographic point on Earth right now, this very moment. Six billion! And every single 1 of them is different. With six billion different listings of regulations for what is possible and what is not.

With six billion different percepts of one event. With six billion different thoughts of what truth, morals, and justness mean. You dwell in a completely different world than everyone else. I dwell in a completely different world than you do.

You do your rules. I do mine. You dwell by what you believe is possible in your world. I dwell by what I believe is possible in mine. There are six billion+ people, living in six billion+ worlds that are all different. And each individual have got created the regulations that define their reality, or have adopted the regulations of others.

And here is the cardinal to all of it; you have the powerfulness to completely make the regulations that define your reality. And you can make it instantly. What was impossible today, can be possible tomorrow if you want it to be. This is what Supreme Being meant when he said that he would allow our every person's desire.

This is what Napoleon I Hill depicts in "Think and Turn Rich." You dwell in your ain personal reality, limited by your ain personal set of rules.

This is important: In any situation, the ideas, concepts, and beliefs of the individual with the strongest world will be adopted by the other party. Rich Person you ever heard that saying that "sales are a transportation of belief from one individual to another?" Well that is what that means.

When a sale is made, it agency that your belief, or your reality, was stronger than the other person's, and so they adopted it. They bought what you were selling because they bought into your reality. Don't believe me? I'll turn out it.

There is a distant folk of people called the Huli life in distant countries of New Guinea New Guniea. Until recently, they have got never been exposed to anyone or anything outside of their contiguous area. They dwell in a human race of eternal woods with no other people. You and I truly make not exist.

There are no countries. There are no such as things as plastic, steal, or paper. The lone flying physical objects are birds, and adult male have never been to the moon. There are no authorities and there is no stock-market. The two human race warfares never took place. Electricity, telephones, and roadstead make not even demo up in their dreams.

They could never comprehend the sight of a beach, or unfastened ocean. These things truly make not be in their world. Yet you and I cognize they are real. We dwell in different realities, with different possibilities. But the Huli's world is just as existent to them, as yours is to you.

So what makes this mean value to you and your web selling business? People pull others who dwell in worlds similar to theirs. Magnetic Sponsoring is all about attractive force marketing. Whether that have to make with advertisement "magnetic" offers, or developing a magnetic personality that pulls others...

You will only pull people who dwell in worlds similar to yours...this agency that if you are sponsoring duds, it's because deep-down, you believe you are a dud, and that is what's coming through to others.

Why is it that some people can patronize top grade people with almost no attempt at all, while others go on to patronize needy, broke people? It's easy... your world is a contemplation of the manner you see yourself inside.

If you truly believe you are already successful, then you will automatically make the things that successful people do, which will automatically pull other successful people to your down-line.

You can't bogus it. You can try... but you can't. All of this material haps on it's own, without any witting purpose or agenda. It's just your reality. It's just the "way things are." Most people seek to "get successful" before they begin to move successful. It doesn't work that way.

The belief have to come up first, which takes to rectify actions, which conveys the results. And the best part, is that you're only a determination away from creating your new reality.

Entrepreneurs make up one's mind to define their ain reality. They have got got come up to understand that they have this power. They constantly create, and re-create the regulations by which this human race runs based on new experiences and new knowledge.

They continually spread out their existence by accepting new regulations of possibility discovered through reading, listening, and learning about the worlds of others who have got what they seek.

There are MLM concern edifice schemes and techniques which can change your life forever in minutes. Powerful things which are already portion of other people's reality. All you necessitate to make is expose yourself to these worlds, and unfastened yourself up to it.

Be willing to follow the regulations they dwell by, and make concern by. And as you do, your regulations will change. Things which were once impossible for you, will go possible.

New thoughts will begin to deluge you mind. The outside human race you dwell in volition slowly get to change as you put new regulations upon it. This is what happened to me when I establish books by Ralph Barton Perry Marshall, Dan Kennedy, and Joe Schroeder.

New things, impossible things came into my human race about edifice a web selling business. They completely changed my set of regulations and possibilities.

I made their worlds mine, and in less than a year, I was making the sort of money that existed in their world. And conjecture what's happened since then? Newer worlds have got been seen... Realities where earning $100,000/mo is not even a large deal.

Where earning $1,000,000+ per calendar month is absolutely doable... and the ability and intends to carry through these ends have got presented themselves as well.

If you desire to dwell a new life, a free life, the life of an entrepreneur, you must seek out people who dwell in the human race you want, because the autobus you sit now makes not halt there.

But before that, you must make up one's mind one what world you desire to dwell in. Define a new set of regulations for what you want, you have got got to manus the driver a new map with new stops.

Here are just a few of the regulations in my world; in my reality: I make not fear poverty, because I will always be rich. Making $1,000,000 a calendar month is not only possible, but a forgone event.

People like, trust, and regard me. Employees are a sad but necessary portion of the world. There is no concern accomplishment I cannot master. I pull Top Grade prospects effortlessly because they can see that I share a similar world to theirs.

For many of you, these things could never happen. You could never fathom a 7 figure income, and you could never conceive of ultra-high caliber, 7-figure web sellers wanting to make concern with you...well, here is the kicker. If you can not see yourself there, you will never travel there.

If, your reality, your belief level, was stronger than theirs. If it is, they will absolutely purchase into your world. When your degree of belief about a new regulation you put for yourself goes stronger than your current belief, then your human race will change and you will have got whatever you seek.

But not before. Belief come up ups first, consequences come second. Define your new reality. Live it, slumber it. dreaming it, and your life will go it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Spiritual Journey of Personal Growth

I never understood the lesson in my life's top challenge until old age later. That clip for me was a dramatic awakening that ultimately led to personal growing and an in progress Negro spiritual journeying of exploration.

It started in the early portion of 1978. My life until then was centered on my new marriage, my work and my circle of friends. My hubby and I socialized with a whole cortege of immature married couples, some with little children and most without. When I became pregnant in March, it was a true approval and my life shifted into a new and extraordinary focus. Of course, we planned on having a healthy gestation with a natural bringing and we chose a lying-in centre in New House Of York City to present the baby.

Unfortunately, from the minute Iodine became pregnant I had morning, afternoon and eventide sickness. All sorts of olfactory properties bothered me, especially cooked poulet and fish. I had no appetite, since no nutrient appealed to my palate. However, I did military unit myself to eat a high protein diet (about 80 grammes a day), plus a quart of milk (in the word form of milk shakes and water ice pick sodas), tons of vegetables, fruits and other carbohydrates. This was the suggested day-to-day nutrient demand for pregnant women and I adhered to it without question. The wellness of my unborn kid was my lone concern and I would make anything within my powerfulness to guarantee it, even if it meant abiding illness and other discomforts.

I couldn't wait for the first three calendar months of gestation to end, because I believed that my morning time sickness would finally subside. But after five months, I was still ill with emesis and cramping, as well. My babe was growing normally, give thanks goodness, yet I was feeling worse and worse. The symptoms usually hit me when I least expected it. I would be supermarket shopping and all of a sudden, I'd duplicate over in hurting from terrible cramps and intestinal spasms. These turns were generally followed by intense emesis and incessant diarrhea.

Eventually, I noticed a vaginal discharge and some bleeding. I was given a sonogram to do certain the foetus was not growing outside the placenta. All clinical grounds showed an norm pregnancy. But by this time, I was a mess! I had only gained 9 pounds during the first five calendar months and was nauseous and emesis daily. I could maintain nil down.

Finally, on one of my routine doctor's visits, my OB/GYN advised me to see a gastroenterologist for tests. The consequences came as a daze during this, my introduction to the miracle of motherhood. I had Crohn's Disease, an redness of the intestines, which was considered incurable, highly debilitating, painful and chronic. Although it was not life-threatening, here I was five calendar months pregnant with an incurable disease! My fearfulness of the unknown region was my top enemy and threat. I didn't cognize what to anticipate or how my life style would be changed.

The docs all assured me I could take a normal life and maintain the disease under control with medication. They explained that this unwellness had nil to make with diet, even though I told them I always felt worse after I ate. It seemed to be a immature grownup disease that usually struck before the age of 30. At that time, treatment was a regimen of S drugs prescribed to stamp down some of the symptoms and cut down inflammation.

I cried continuously for three days. Through a turn of fate, I already knew something about Crohn's Disease because my brother-in-law suffered from it. He had endured respective trading operations and had taken numerous drugs to relieve both his uncomfortableness and forestall subsequent flare-ups. Knowing this frightened me, since I was concerned that these drugs might harm my unborn child.

I became so down that I couldn't function. I wallowed in my bad luck and submerged myself in unhappiness for hours on end. I felt I'd been doomed to a lifespan of wretchedness and hopelessness. Fear seemed to govern my life. To his credit, my hubby was very understanding and supportive. He tried to promote me in any manner he could. But I alone had to cover with the world of my disease and set up for the fortune that put ahead. With a major determination to make, I was caught between the traditional medical path or perhaps another alternative. My concern was the social welfare of the guiltless babe growing inside me. Iodine spent agonising years wondering if I should fill up the doctor's prescription for azulfidine -- or unrecorded with the consequences.

Fortunately for me, I was surrounded by people who were more than aim than I. They would guarantee me that panicking was not a reasonable solution. I needed to calm down down long adequate to analyze my options and my sister knew just the right advice to give.

She recommended I read, "Three Magic Words" by U.S. Anderson, which explained the Law of Attraction, the conception that we pull into our lives what we set the most attending on. The book explained that we are the Godheads of our ain world and that by harnessing this knowledge, we can do powerful alterations that even make what we most desire. This was a new and profound impression for me to contemplate. Could I, at this crisis point in my life, take complaint and bend my life around?

In desperation, I started meditating to happen some answers, as the book suggested. In quiet introspective minutes I realized that somehow, in some way, there was a lesson for me to larn from this frightening, challenging experience. I continued meditating daily, disciplining myself to visualise entire health, my whole organic structure healed. I began to experience more than in control, less like a incapacitated victim. I started believing I was an of import factor in my ain healing process. I felt I made a major displacement in my perceptual experience of the state of affairs and I was able to experience hope and even experience interior peace. With this renewed motivation, I decided to travel the option path and see where it took me.

Some friends knew of a fantastic holistic physician in Occident Hurley, N.Y and advised me to seek out his opinion. After an extended examination, his forecast was that with mild exercise, good nutrition, day-to-day relaxation and unquestioning faith, in seven old age I could most likely mend my body. This was all Iodine needed to hear to bring forth the committedness I needed to transport out a life-changing crusade for personal health. My end was set.

To cut down my digestive stress, the physician set me on a hard-and-fast food-combining regime. It was of import to follow a more than natural or pure diet, he said, which eliminated all achromatic flour, refined sugar and unreal substances. I prepared my repasts with compatibly combined foods, which improved the food soaking up and assimilation in my intestines. No longer did I eat meat with potatoes at the same clip or have got dessert directly after I ate. I started eating less protein, and more than composite saccharides with plentifulness of natural fruits and vegetables. The physician told me I had a milk sugar intolerance, which was the ground my cramping was so severe. I was advised to eat caprine animal yoghurt instead of milk, since it was easier for me to digest and full of healthy bacterium necessary for proper digestion.

As soon as I changed my feeding style and rearranged my nutrient choices, the nausea, emesis and cramping ceased. By the clip I gave birth, four calendar months later to a perfect babe boy, I felt healthy, energetic and vibrant. My gynaecologist was as surprised as I was. He was disbelieving at first and didn't believe that diet could actually better my health. But throughout my gestation he noticed a pronounced alteration in my physical state as well as my emotional mental attitude and decided to allow me go on with whatever I was doing.

Meditation and visual images became a large portion of my healing process, because they gave me comfort, support and a sense of interior calm. I kept my religion through reverses and discouraging times, because I always knew I was on a perfect way towards my success. It just felt right!

I couldn't convert my brother-in-law to fall in me in my healthy-lifestyle transition. He didn't desire to do any sacrifices. Today, his Crohn's Disease have dramatically worsened and he have undergone many trading operations over the past decades.

I continued my feeding regimen after my boy was born and through the gestation of my 2nd child. Seven old age later I noticed definite alterations in my body. I began to derive some of the weight I initially had lost, which meant my system was finally digesting nutrient more efficiently.

It's been 28 old age and I haven't had recurring symptoms. I see this unwellness a fantastic blessing, because it changed my life and Negro spiritual focus. It sent me on a ocean trip into the empyreal kingdoms of my body, head and soul. From this crisis, I learned perseverance, faith, love, subject and commitment. I learned that reverses make not intend failure, nor make they intend defeat. I learned to believe in myself and to swear my intuitive sense, since my wellness depended on it. I learned to foster myself with love and to experience joyousness and pridefulness in my accomplishment. I especially learned to maintain my head firm on the positive and to concentrate on the end consequence with finding and conviction.

I trust other women larn that they, too, have got an internal strength from within to defeat hardship and that forms can be changed if the desire is strong enough. Of course, there's no warrant everyone who undergoes a wellness crisis will recover. But, I learned that life is a journeying and that during the journey, it's outdo to take complaint and bask the procedure as positively as possible. In that way, you pull more than of what you desire and less of what you fear. Then it's easy to accept that sometimes bad things go on for a good and purposeful reason.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

What's Your Cinco de Mayo

I'm not going to give you a history lesson. What I am going to give you is the juicy poke line of the historical and famed triumph that took topographic point in United Mexican States more than a century ago... only this time, it have a surprise ending.

The 5th of May is not Mexican Independence Day!

Cinco Delaware Mayo is famed because in 1862 4,000 Mexican soldiers overtook an regular army of 8,000 foreign encroachers at Puebla, Mexico, on May 5th.

Wow. What are the odds? Think about the faith, the courage, the finding and accomplishment it must have got taken for this little Mexican army, one-half the size of the other troops, to not only support themselves against foreign attackers but to also win victoriously!

You might be asking, "What's this regular regular army conflict got to make with being a Queen?" Isn't that what these articles are supposed to be about?

Here's where it's all about you... What's YOUR Cinco Delaware Mayo?

Where in your life make you experience small? Are there person or something that experiences like it's invading your life? Trying to assail you? Predominate you? Overpower you?

I don't cognize a Queen around who doesn't have got something challenging her very life. Whether it's your physical wellness that is under attack, Oregon your emotional well-being, or the human relationships that average the most to you, or possibly your core identity. Maybe it's your finances that look threatened. Like, no substance how difficult or long you work, or how many different ways you've tried, you stay in fiscal bondage.

Or maybe it's your dysfunctional household kinetics that you can't look to get away from. And no substance what you do to dwell your ain life and make your ain determinations and mistakes, THEY maintain trying to acquire you to dwell your life the manner they believe you should.

Or how about the ageless weight-loss drama. Even the longer running play television shows only last about 8 seasons. Have your weight play been running longer than that?

Or maybe your Cinco Delaware Mayo conflict goes around around the issues of discrimination, judgment, or in the "extra religious" circles, condemnation. The point is...

All of the above doctrines can be aggressive onslaughts on your quality of life, on your health, your human relationships and could even queer you from life our ain alone God-given intent in life...IF you allow these "forein invaders" overtake you.

They might look bigger, they might look more than powerful than you, and if they've been around long enough, they might even look "right". But I ASSURE you, they're not.

So, you have got got your foreign encroachers that mightiness be trying to have their manner with all that is cherished to you.

TODAY, Queens, catch on to the faith, the courageousness the finding and the powerfulness that the small regular army in Puebla, United Mexican States had. Today, retrieve that YOU have got what it takes to dwell your life to the fullest. And, that it is only YOU who can take to dwell free or in captivity. It is YOU who can be larger than your fortune ONLY IF YOU DECIDE you are. It is you who can slender down, do the money, talk up, happen the man, state yes to who you are and all that is meant for you. State no to the religiosity, state no to slavery and state NO MORE to deficiency and oppression.

Lift your mentum and expression up. Look up to Supreme Being with whom all things are possible. Look up to all of those women who have got gone before you in just as black (if not more than so) of circustances but were DETERMINED to happen a manner to dwell and to take a breath and to shout from the mountain tops, "YES!" to life fully and free.

I inquire you again, what Oregon who is your Cinco Delaware Mayo? What conflict is yours to overcome? What termination will you create? What triumph are you meant to have got today in the spirit of what we'll collectively be celebrating on Saturday?

Choose a victory. See it as done. Now travel forth celebrating what you've overcome, the triumph that is yours and bask YOUR Cinco Delaware Mayo.

For years, when Iodine thought about Cinco Delaware Mayo all I thought about was, "Where would be the best topographic point to bask a margarita?" Well, this twelvemonth is different.

© 2007 Gina Ratliffe

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Perfection Trap

I am tired of trying to be perfect. I am tired of being told I just necessitate to utilize this deodorant, thrust this car, usage this exercising equipment, eat these foods, and so on. And as if those warnings were not enough, there are all mode of people quite willing to state us what our ends in life should be as well. Friends and household are very good at letting us cognize how we are far from perfect. Are it any wonderment that more than than and more of us are seeking prescriptions for anxiousness and depression? How are we ever supposed to dwell up to all the outlooks other people have got for us? And how make we dwell with ourselves when we can't? Indeed no 1 can be Oklahoma by everybody's standards. There will always be person who can fault with us for something. But the good news is that that is ok. Arsenic Christians we don't necessitate other people's approval. We only necessitate to seek to make the best we can on any given day, knowing that Supreme Being loves us, and also knowing that He understands when our best is sometimes far from great. After all, we are forgiven people, people as 1 Toilet 1:9 reminds us who just necessitate to confess our failings to God. Supreme Being will forgive us, but can we forgive ourselves?

We all cognize that those closest to us cognize just what "buttons" to force to seek to do us experience guilty. When person desires something from us that for whatever ground we are not able or unwilling to give them, their words can often injure us deeply. How many parents today, not willing to put on the line having their children angry with them, are accepting all kinds of unacceptable behavior? And how many grownup children are struggling to dwell up to the criteria that their parents put for them? How many people are not living their ain lives, even perhaps the lives Supreme Being would have got them live, because of fearfulness of the reaction of those they care about? Between these people and all the information we are bombarded with on a day-to-day degree telling us how to better our lives, is it any wonderment that we are stressed? We are constantly being told we are not "good enough"; flawlessness should be our goal.

Trying to be perfect, whether because it is the lone manner we can experience good about ourselves, or because we fear another's response, is keeping many of us in a state of emphasis and unhappiness, often not able to see all the good that is in our lives. I cognize for me that it can still be all too easy to let myself to experience suffering when I expression back on some behaviour or look back on some words I may have got spoken. I can acquire into home on that and in doing so, I am not seeing all the approvals in my life. Today Iodine make workshops and retreats, but it have taken me a long clip to experience able to make this, and the ground that was stopping me was the fearfulness of criticism. Sometimes the things Supreme Being would have got us make can convey unfavorable judgment from others. Not everyone will always hold with us. So, whether it is speaking in public or saying things within our circle of household and friends, at modern times we can be criticized. Sometimes those unfavorable judgments are valid, and sometimes they are not. But, regardless, can we larn to allow travel of the hurting of not being perfect in someone's eyes?

As Christians we cognize on an intellectual degree that we are not perfect, and never will be perfect. It is God's saving grace that offerings us forgiveness for our imperfections. And yet we often beat out ourselves up each clip we are reminded of just how imperfect we can be. We look to bury that in respective topographic points in the Book Jesus Of Nazareth is telling us to love our neighbour as we love ourselves. What makes that sort of love expression like? Are we, and our neighbors, only loveable when we utilize the right products, state the right words, or execute according to person else's expectation? Unconditional love intends just that. We are to love others even when they are not being very lovable. And, yes, at modern times we necessitate to protect ourselves from other's bad behavior, but even when that is the case, we are to still to believe of them with love. After all it is so true about walking a statute mile in another person's shoes. If we really knew all the fortune in anyone's life, could we still stay critical? I believe not.

1 Corinthians 13 is often referred to as the love chapter of the Bible. And for old age I read it only as a verbal description of the manner I should believe of other people. I never looked at it as also a manner that I should handle myself. But, if I am to love others as I love myself, I had better be careful about how I am loving myself. That chapter states us, among other things, that love is patient, kind, maintains no record of wrongs, trusts, hopes, and perseveres. Well, are we patient with ourselves? Are we sort to ourselves? Are we able to halt going over and over in our head those things we may have got done wrong? Or are we able to confess them to Supreme Being and let ourselves to experience forgiven? Can we go on to swear in ourselves, go on to experience hope that each twenty-four hours we are getting better, and especially, are we able to remain true to our desire to be ever more than Christ-like, but without getting into an anxious, self-critical state, thinking we are just such as suffering failures?

As a human beingness I volition never be perfect, never totally OK, and neither will any other individual on earth. We can, and should, go on to endeavor to go more than Christ-like, but when we experience we have got failed, Supreme Being is still loving us. Instead of staying stuck in our guilt, we are free to confess and then pick ourselves up and travel on again.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Odin And The Apache Indian Spirit Warriors A True Adventure

When Iodine still lived in Grand Canyon State I performed many more than Odin Rituals then I make here in Pennsylvania.

Willie Whitefeather a very wise Cherokee Medicine adult male and my stopping point friend gave me the ground why.

He said that the Southwest was still a very powerful topographic point for the Indian to live. There are still many liquor of North American Indian warriors and medical specialty work force there. A great topographic point for warriors.

The Great Spirit was still there. If and when the Great Spirit were to go forth than all the powerfulness that protects the Indians would be gone.

He said that in the Northeast where I was born, the Gods and Goddesses of my people once lived. They did not dwell there any more. They were pushed out by the increasing figure of other tribes, from all over the world, that moved in.

These other Tribes now have got got the powerfulness and as more than than than and more come up in, the less powerfulness my people, the Northern Europeans, will have.

He told me more than once (after I had moved back to the Northeast) that I had made a mistake. That Odin and the Gods and goddesses of my people were now there in the Southwest.

He said that though we were different peoples there was not much differences in our basic warrior civilization and gods.

He equated Odin to the Great Spirit.

He said that this alteration of powerfulness in the land was natural. The Indians had been doing it for one thousands of years. Taking over the powerfulness points of other folks and using the energy.

The large difference he said was that though the different Indian folks fought each other, they all had one god, The Great Spirit.

My people had abandoned Odin for foreign gods, that were meant for other tribes.

We gave away almost all our power.

He equated myself and the other Odin following to his people. Within his people there is a definite split between the traditional Indians those who follow the old ways and the hang-arounds the reserve Indians. The 1s who copied the achromatic man's ways and religions. Hated by the traditionals.

Same as Northern European People followers the faith of desert dwellers.

I have got a great trade to share with you about what that wise Indian Shaman taught me when Iodine spent a great trade of clip with him in the desert and mounts of Arizona,for another time.

Lete me state you about this rite called Odin and the Indian Spirits.

Again I share these secret and sacred events in my life with you because I am trying to state you that we necessitate to construct more than one-on-one relationships with Odin and the gods/goddesses. We must halt worshiping him as The Supreme Being of the Vikings. He precedes the Viking Age by one thousands of years. The same as the Great Spirit precedes the Cherokee and the Apaches.

Get quit of those moth eaten Ritual books that were written by another. Go it alone and construct your ain in the mental and Negro spiritual human races and those of your sort will happen you.

So, here is another narrative and rite to animate you.

Each true Viking Spirit Warrior is equal to a thousand Mead guzzling one-half Christian - one-half pagan- sol called Vikings who travel the forest to have got got fun.

When you make existent contact with Odin and the god/goddesses like I have you will happen him and them in the most god-awful places and you will do it alone.

When I was with Willie Whitefeather around the encampment fire we talked about many things. He opened my eyes to many countries that I knew nil about.

To Indians the Spirit World is very real. Communication with liquor is very real. Liquor can ache you.

Gods are very real. The major difference between an Indian Medicine Man and an Indian Warrior, is that the Medicine Man passes more than clip in the Spirit World. He cognizes that is where the powerfulness is.

We became such as stopping point friends that Willie invited me to travel with him to the Hopi North American Indian sacred caves in four corners.

While I was there I was greeted by the grandfather. A very aged but very wise and functional Hopi North American Indian Medicine Man.

I was allowed one visit to one of the sacred caves, with Willie.

I saw a 3000 twelvemonth old pictograph painted on the cave walls.

It was a line drawing of three seafaring ships in line.

When we left the cave Willie smiled and nodded. He told me that the Hopi Indians the keeper of North American North American Indian history, knew of the approaching of Capital Of Ohio over 1500 old age before he showed up

Remind me to state you the narrative of how I establish pictograph runic letters in a cave on the drop walls of Superstitution Mountains.

Willie had to remain over, in Four Corners, so I had to do the long thrust back to Capital Of Grand Canyon State myself in my ole 1979 Contrivance pickup.

When I left the Hopi Indian reserve I started down the long high desert main road towards the giant Indian Rock Monuments that this portion of Arizona is so celebrated for.

I passed the most celebrated Ship Rock Memorial and roared on down the higway at 70. These main roads are straigth as an arrow, and devoid of all traffic.

You could experience the Indian Power all around you, especially when you passed one of the standing sacred rocks.

Suddenly it started!

At first Iodine thought something was incorrect with my steering, it was awfully tight.

I was being pulled to the right. Not knowing what it was my first inherent aptitude was to decelerate down to 40.

I instantly started to chant my Odin Rituals.

These repetitious Odin chants have got pulled me out of many hard musca volitans before. Both on the physical airplane and the interior planes.

I softly chanted, "Odin, Odin, Odin usher me. Odin, Odin, Odin mend me. Odin, Odin, Odin protect me." My favourite for it covers all bases.

The guidance was still tight and the wheel seemed to desire to draw me more than than and more to the right.

Then it locked up. Did my guidance box break? Did I lose all fluid?

I felt the hairs on the dorsum of my cervix base up. I looked down the route and there about a statute mile away stood two very big jagged and powerful Indian rocks. They were very fold to the road, one on each side.

My chanting got louder and faster. "Odin, Odin, Odin usher me. Odin, Odin, Odin mend me. Odin, Odin, Odin protect me."

The guidance wheel was jammed and I was drifting to the right very slowly. With all my strength (I weigh 225) I could not stir it. I could see that I was being pulled towards the jagged Indian stone on the right.

No more than formalities. I shouted as loud advertisement I could, "Odin, Odin, Odin .........."


I swallowed my fearfulness and jam-packed the gas bicycle to the floor. I had to acquire past those Indian rocks.

Forty-five, 50 ........ I was going to run this Indian Gaunlet or decease trying. No turning back.

At 70 Iodine literately flew at the Indian rocks.

This was indeed a conflict to the death. (Have you ever been in a conflict to the death?) The barred stering wheel, the jagged Indian stones and my every musculus straining to turn back to the center of the road.

Plus don't bury my Odin, Odin, Odin at the top of my lungs. (I never bury ODIN, especially in a Tight spot)

I don't cognize how I did it but I flew past the Indian stones like a rocket. And as I set distance between myself and those deathly stones the wheel loosened up.

I got to the center of the route and slowed down.

The followers hebdomad I met willie Whitefeather and told him what had happened.

He stayed soundless and becokoned me to follow him. We got into his old toyota pickup truck and headed to the desert. Once there, still soundless Willie took his medical specialty bag with him and went out alone.

He stopped by a little gun barrel cactus and sprinkled bluish maize repast around it in a circle. Then he sat down, held his sacred medical specialty pouch in his both custody and closed his eyes.

I knew that he was seeking a Vision.

After awhile he got up, thanked the Great Spirit and came back to me.

"You were attacked by two Apache Spirit warriors" Wille said.

"They felt your warrior spirit and were angry that you should be allowed on the sacred Hopi North American Indian grounds. For they were never allowed such as an honor", Willie continued.

So they decided to destruct you but taking control of you motortruck and crashing you into one of the jagged rocks.

Wille stopped and smiled. "It was when that one-eyed warrior spirit appeared and took control of the guidance wheel. He drove the Apache liquor away.

"Ragnar," he smiled, "you did not make it."

"Odin Iodine asked?"

Yes Willie smiled and nodded.

For those who don't believe. I inquire you:.... "how many traffic make you have got with the spirit world?" How much make you believe in the gods/goddesses of your people? How much make you believe in the Great Spirit. Rich Person you go too materialistic? (believe in lone what you can touch, smell, see?)

Get out of the large metropolises before it is too late. Take your children back to nature.

Thank you for listening.

Ragnar Storyteller

I had put up the Resonant Frequency of Odin. His warring energy came out of the Measure Ocean (where he now resides) and covered my motortruck with his powerful energy.

The Apache Spirit Warriors felt it and ran.

You make not necessitate (nor make I believe many of us have got the power) to pull Odin in the flehs to assist you. Attracting his energy in modern times of danger is enough. (Laws of Measure Physics and Resonant Frequencies.)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Teenagers And Grief - How To Deal

You just got the telephone phone call - "Did you hear? ______ is dead!" After those first words, you may or may not have got heard the rest. The caller's voice may look to have got trailed off in a linguistic communication that you don't hear or understand. Those prickling words were all your encephalon could handle. No 1 is there, but you curse person just punched you as difficult as they could in the gut. How can this be? You just talked to _____ this morning! It can't be true. You get to cry, and then to scream. Then you pick up the telephone to seek and happen person to state you it isn't real.

Everyone grieves. Everyone experiences decease at some point in life. Some people see decease when they are young, some when they are old. So what do you, the teenager, so special? Well, physically and psychologically, you are special. You are different from everyone at every other age. One of the toughest things about the adolescent old age is that you experience everything modern times about a hundred. All the growth and the hormones, you just feel more. You are at the most sensitive topographic point in life, so when heartache happens, it hits sol hard. Another particular thing about you is that you have got this astonishing powerfulness to resile back from things that knocking you down.

There is hope for the teens who grieve. When decease hits stopping point to home, whether it is a household member, a friend or classmate, it do us recognize that we actually can die. It doesn't just go on to 'other people'. Our basic security acquires shaken, and for maybe the first time, we are afraid. We also experience the heart-wrenching emptiness where this individual used to be. The friends set together. We write, draw, sing, drama music, whatever conveys some kind of comfort. We experience agony, despair, loss, depression, or disbelief. It is of import to cognize that these feelings will go through in time. We must happen a manner to cover with the initial daze period, and then slowly get to set the pieces back together.

Teenagers are the absolute best at honoring their fallen blood brothers and sisters. The integrity and honestness they demo in these dark modern times excel what most grownups are capable of expressing. So now what make you do? Now you must grieve in your ain particular way, so that you may dwell a full and happy life. You cognize your loved one would desire it that way. But How?

There are some basic guidelines you must retrieve after a loss.

•Stay stopping point to those who share in your suffering. Clinging to each other is the best manner to cover with the daze of death. (Remember- even when we cognize person is going to die, we are never truly prepared for the existent event)

•Talk about it. Cry, boot and screaming if you necessitate to.

•Find A trusted individual to speak to about your feelings

•Try not to close the grownups out who seek to help. They necessitate to cognize how to assist you.

•Write, draw, sing, whatever is your manner of ego expression. Creativity is a perfect mercantile establishment for emphasis and emotions.

•Memorialize. Building some kind of a memorial, whether it be a scrapbook, a cadmium of your loved one's favourite songs, a butterfly garden, planting a tree, lighting a candle, watching their favourite movie, or wearing their favourite carpet slippers around the house, it is a very healthy manner to experience close to them. Perhaps putting together a photograph record album or a book for all the friends and household to subscribe and compose notes. These are all fantastic ways of helping to heal, and honoring the memory of the 1 you have got all lost.

•Expect the unexpected. You may undergo temper swings from unhappiness to rage, and everything in between. THIS IS COMPLETELY NORMAL, and it may travel on for a while.

You may happen you are experiencing overpowering anger. This is normal. However, it is of import that you happen a manner to cover with it so no harm is done before it passes. Hurting yourself or person else out of choler and heartache NEVER helps. It just do things worse. Anger usually come ups from fear, guiltiness or pain, underneath. Examining these possibilities with a friend may help. Sometimes professional may be needed for utmost uncontrolled fury until the crisis passes. There is no shame in asking for aid when you necessitate it. Look at what you have got been through!

Survivor's guiltiness is very common when person dies. The inquiry "Why them?" or "Why not me?" is common, especially when perhaps you were supposed to be in that auto and they went at the last minute, or you experience you should have got somehow been able to halt this. Guilt is possibly the most misguiding emotion we have. It is only utile to remind us about right and wrong. Too many modern times we experience guilty when we are absolutely not responsible. Reason these things out with another person. You will see things much clearer than if you allow it revolve around inside your head, and you are the lone individual answering yourself!

Ask for aid if you ever experience like you desire to ache yourself. If you cannot talking to your parents, happen an grownup you trust. PLEASE make not disregard danger marks such as as this! Nothing is EVER hopeless!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: There IS Life Outside the Comfort Zone

"Unless you change how you are, you will always have got what you've got". – Jim Rohn, The Great Challenge of Life.

Two of the best conferences I've ever attended shook me right out of my comfortableness zone.

You cognize how it is when you go to a conference; you usually hang around with the people you know, or the 1s who look the most like you. You usually sit down in the same portion of the room, even in the same chair if you can pull off it.

Conference #1 - We are the Conference

Right off the chiropteran we were out of our seats, rotating to a new treatment grouping every 15 minutes, until an hr had passed and we'd already interacted with every single individual attending the conference.

Initially there was a nervous energy in the air, eventually turning to exhilaration as everyone kept meeting new people and making personal connections.

It changed our idea process, opened our acquisition and deeply enriched our conference experience. The energy degree went through the roof. Everyone rated it as one of the best parts of the conference.

What these conference organisers understood is that the best acquisition we make at a conference usually come ups out of our interactions with other participants. Not only in discussing what we've heard from the "experts", but our ain thoughts and opinions. Our heads are stretched farther and farther by the different positions and points of view we hear.

Conference #2 - Get up and Dance!

These conference organisers also got us out of our seating every morning, but they did it with cheerful music and by inviting us to dance. It was energizing, invigorating and a whole batch of fun!

By the 3rd twenty-four hours of the conference, what seemed like an unusual and slightly daunting activity became banal and comfortable. And that's after lone 3 days!

Kind of brands you wonder, doesn't it? What other alterations could you acquire used to just as quickly?

When I'm leading workshops, I make my best to agitate delegates out of their comfortableness zone as well. I make this by sneaking into the room before the 2nd twenty-four hours starts, and shift around the topographic point cards.

From an abutting room, I watched as one participant switched her topographic point card back. She felt comfy in that seat, and just wasn't willing to stretch.

An organisation I used to work for asked me to turn to their low staff morale. People were suffering and there was a batch of fighting and conflict. I accepted the challenge and soon establish myself in a room with 20 angry people.

I asked them what was wrong, and spent the adjacent 45-minutes authorship their ailments down on impudent chart pages, that eventually filled the walls of the room.

As I started to turn to the issues and make suggestions, all of a sudden the choler was directed at me. One participated came right out and said, "Who do you believe you are? How dare you seek to change things around here!"

They were miserable. But they were comfortable. They were more than comfy in their wretchedness than they were willing to change and hazard uncomfortableness in order to better their situation.

When you're open up to change, you're cook for new and better things to come up into your life. You can begin little and pattern little changes. Construct the seeds of alteration by altering your modus operandis and environments:

  • Change the order of your morning clip routine.

  • Take a different path to work.

  • Shave at a different time of day.

  • Take a new social class at the gym.

  • Read a new magazine.

  • Read non-fiction instead of fiction.

  • Try a new restaurant.

  • Cook with a new combination of spices.

  • Choose person you admire and make something they've done.

  • Say, "Yes!" to something you would normally state "no" to.
  • Remember lining up to lodge your wage check at the bank? If person hadn't been unfastened to change we wouldn't have got the convenience of standard atmosphere machines today.

    What new and better things could acquire used to if you stepped outside of your comfortableness zone?

    (c) Ted Shawn Shepheard, 2007.

    Saturday, July 7, 2007

    The Process of a Miracle: A 30 Day Experiment - Day Four

    Day Four...Spiritual Detox

    I couldn't kip last night.

    My head was a clutter of emotional rags replaying the years events over and over in the composure of "insomnia."

    Yesterday, Iodine cleaned out quite a spot of the physical leftovers of my past. That nighttime as each old memory resurfaced shedding layer after layer of emotion. What was concealment beneath all this was nil I had considered but never the less revealed itself.

    The attic; The bottomless cavity inside my head that hid within its shadows; those soundless tentacles that slithered out of its darkness, encircling themselves around me absorbing me firmly in the past.

    I was about to undergo a Spiritual detox.

    It was about 11:00am before I finally felt tired adequate to fall asleep. At this point I felt empty and a spot scared of what the consequence of releasing so much emotional disturbance would be.

    I never lived without the contorted creature comforts of my beliefs and letting spell of so much in such as a short amount of clip left me feeling empty. Fear may turn within the emptiness of uncertainty….

    But so makes my spirit.

    I drop asleep instantly but not in to the deep la-la fantasy of candy land dreams. Inside me the pieces of myself I had imprisoned within the deepest portion of my beingness prepared themselves for the conflict of my freedom. To face the fat slothfulness of my egotism which sat heavily upon my spirit munching away on a hot manipulate ice-cream sundae of my pain.

    It was clip for me to be released.

    I had served my sentence.

    I had willingly done my clip and it was clip for me to take my freedom back.

    It seemed that I was awake but asleep… if that's level possible. I was in the kitchen of my flat and something kept playing fast ones on me. The kitchen stove would travel on without me turning it on. Things kept appearing and reappearing. It was just freaky.

    When I awoke spots and pieces were still with me but mostly I didn't retrieve what it was about. I couldn't really do sense of the leftovers that lingered, so into the kitchen I went to acquire a cup of coffee. As I'm standing there still half asleep Iodine expression at my stove…and Iodine retrieve the dream.

    I retrieve how the kitchen stove was combustion something and I now saw what it was. I looked around me and I saw it all. Every memory of every event I felt I was a victim of….

    The metallic element divot on the kitchen stove from Mike, The first serious fellow I ever had who cheated on me again and again.

    The vase from the flat where I first stuck a acerate leaf in my arm.

    The carpet in my sleeping room with the fire holes from nodding out.

    The clothing from Volition who had beaten, raped and imprisoned me for years.

    The jewellery from Karl who treated me like a inexpensive pornography star.

    On and on the listing went. It was all there with me now.

    The self-deceit.

    The lies.

    The torture.

    The insecurity.

    The jealously.

    The anger.

    The resentment.

    The self-pity.

    The disillusion.

    The disappointment.

    The lost hopes of my dreams.

    The absolute boiling hate of myself that oozed out from these lesions infecting every action Iodine displayed throughout my life.

    I had voluntary carried it all with me never understanding or comprehending for a minute it all represented...


    It was everything Iodine never wanted my life to be and everything my life was.

    I cried.

    I cried for the load of shame I silently carried into maturity of the adult male who molested me.

    I cried for the small miss that felt so ugly and unloved.

    I cried for the miss I grew into who settled for the tabular array remnants of love tossed to me by work force that I allowed to abused me.

    I cried for the adult female I became who was determined to destruct herself.

    I'm crying as I compose this, because I cognize I don't have got to maintain this anymore. I don't have got to transport any of it. Every spot and piece of the hurting is not a load I take to follow me into the future.

    I'm free.

    I take me.

    Thursday, July 5, 2007

    Ace's Insights-Birds Don't Resemble Eggs!

    Jalaluddin Rumi was born in Islamic State Of Afghanistan in 1207. His household consisted of scholars, legal experts and theologians. He and his family, fled Islamic State Of Afghanistan to avoid the Mongolian invasions and settled in Konya, Turkey. He was the original swirling dervish, a dance of surrender, that is still practiced in some spiritual ceremonials around the world.

    Rumi's message of love and integrity have been translated by respective western scholars, I establish this piece in Coleman Barks book, "Rumi We Are Three." The book is dedicated to people in the San Francisco area, who attended one of Barks readings in 1986.

    The messages in the book are for everyone, from every religion and every belief. Rumi's funeral in 1273, was attended by representatives from Christian, Jewish, Moslem and other religions, to honour the plant and life of this great teacher. His message united the liquor of all religions and he is still uniting people from all corners of the human race with his love and truth.

    I am thankful for determination Rumi, he have changed my ideas and have aid me retrieve who I am; a spirit having a human experience.

    From Rumi's Mathnawi,III, 3494-3516, bask this nutrient for thought:

    "A friend comments to the Prophet, "Why is it I acquire screwed in concern deals? It's wish a spell. I go distracted by concern talking and do incorrect decisions."
    The Prophet replies, "Stipulate with every dealing that you necessitate three years to do sure."

    Deliberation is one of the qualities of God. Throw a domestic dog a spot of something. He whiffs to see if he desires it.

    Be that careful. Sniff with your wisdom nose. Get clear. Then decide. The existence came into being gradually over six days. Supreme Being could have got just commanded, Be! Little by small a individual attains 40 and 50 and sixty, and experiences more than complete. Supreme Being could have got thrown full blown Prophets flying through the universe in an instant. Jesus Of Nazareth said one word, and a dead adult male sat up, but creative activity usually unfolds, like composure breakers.

    Constant, slow motion learns us to maintain working like a little brook that corset clear, that doesn't stagnate, but happens a manner through numerous details, deliberately. Deliberation is born of joy, like a bird from an egg.

    Birds don't resemble eggs! Think how different the brood out is.
    Type A achromatic leathery serpent egg, a sparrow's egg; a quince bush seed, an apple seed: Very different things look similar at one stage.

    These leaves, our carnal personalities, look identical, but the Earth of psyche fruit we make, each is elaborately unique."


    Monday, July 2, 2007

    Remembering The Little Things

    On a recent trip to South Carolina my grandfather who is 94 years young did something that I will always remember. He showed me the importance of remembering the little things and how much it can bring joy to someone's life.

    That Sunday after church as members fellowshipped with one another I saw my grandfather take the hand of a woman who came over to speak to him and kiss it. As I witnessed this expression of old school affection I learned two things; that my grandfather is still very young in mind, heart and spirit, and the smile which caressed the woman's face showed how much she appreciated his gesture. When I saw this, it not only touched me, but made me mindful of just how important the little things in life really are.

    Often times it's easy to let the little things fall by the way side due to the hustle and bustle of life and managing our everyday responsibilities, however we have opportunities everyday to share a smile, a hug, a kiss, encouraging words, or a simple hello with someone. We never know what that person could be going through in their life or on that particular day, but one thing we do know a smile is contagious and if you give one, more than likely you'll get an even bigger one in return.

    I'll be the first to admit that on those days where I'm in the zone and don't want to be bothered or I'm deep in thought over a situation, perfect strangers who I may have seen at the gas station, in the line at the grocery store, or the bank have shared a smile or a hello, which in turn made me reflect on myself and the mood I was in. When I couldn't come up with a good enough reason to be in that mood, it was immediately lifted off of me. My outlook on my day changed, because I realized things aren't always as bad as they seem and that it's the little things in life that make living life so much easier. Can you imagine if everyone walked around with a frown on their face? How gloomy and desolate would life be?

    The little things in life extend far beyond a hello or a simple sweet smile. Picking up the phone to call a friend you haven't talked to in years or volunteering to help the elderly and those in need, coaching or mentoring children in your community who may not have the positive influence they so desperately need. The little things are just that, little things that require little time or effort. They don't cost a thing and no matter how little you may think they are they can mean the world to someone else. I like to think of the little things in life as what God gave us to keep us connected with one another.

    So I challenge you to share the little things in life with someone. You just never know how it will touch and change their life.

    Stay inspired & empowered.