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Odin And The Apache Indian Spirit Warriors A True Adventure

When Iodine still lived in Grand Canyon State I performed many more than Odin Rituals then I make here in Pennsylvania.

Willie Whitefeather a very wise Cherokee Medicine adult male and my stopping point friend gave me the ground why.

He said that the Southwest was still a very powerful topographic point for the Indian to live. There are still many liquor of North American Indian warriors and medical specialty work force there. A great topographic point for warriors.

The Great Spirit was still there. If and when the Great Spirit were to go forth than all the powerfulness that protects the Indians would be gone.

He said that in the Northeast where I was born, the Gods and Goddesses of my people once lived. They did not dwell there any more. They were pushed out by the increasing figure of other tribes, from all over the world, that moved in.

These other Tribes now have got got the powerfulness and as more than than than and more come up in, the less powerfulness my people, the Northern Europeans, will have.

He told me more than once (after I had moved back to the Northeast) that I had made a mistake. That Odin and the Gods and goddesses of my people were now there in the Southwest.

He said that though we were different peoples there was not much differences in our basic warrior civilization and gods.

He equated Odin to the Great Spirit.

He said that this alteration of powerfulness in the land was natural. The Indians had been doing it for one thousands of years. Taking over the powerfulness points of other folks and using the energy.

The large difference he said was that though the different Indian folks fought each other, they all had one god, The Great Spirit.

My people had abandoned Odin for foreign gods, that were meant for other tribes.

We gave away almost all our power.

He equated myself and the other Odin following to his people. Within his people there is a definite split between the traditional Indians those who follow the old ways and the hang-arounds the reserve Indians. The 1s who copied the achromatic man's ways and religions. Hated by the traditionals.

Same as Northern European People followers the faith of desert dwellers.

I have got a great trade to share with you about what that wise Indian Shaman taught me when Iodine spent a great trade of clip with him in the desert and mounts of Arizona,for another time.

Lete me state you about this rite called Odin and the Indian Spirits.

Again I share these secret and sacred events in my life with you because I am trying to state you that we necessitate to construct more than one-on-one relationships with Odin and the gods/goddesses. We must halt worshiping him as The Supreme Being of the Vikings. He precedes the Viking Age by one thousands of years. The same as the Great Spirit precedes the Cherokee and the Apaches.

Get quit of those moth eaten Ritual books that were written by another. Go it alone and construct your ain in the mental and Negro spiritual human races and those of your sort will happen you.

So, here is another narrative and rite to animate you.

Each true Viking Spirit Warrior is equal to a thousand Mead guzzling one-half Christian - one-half pagan- sol called Vikings who travel the forest to have got got fun.

When you make existent contact with Odin and the god/goddesses like I have you will happen him and them in the most god-awful places and you will do it alone.

When I was with Willie Whitefeather around the encampment fire we talked about many things. He opened my eyes to many countries that I knew nil about.

To Indians the Spirit World is very real. Communication with liquor is very real. Liquor can ache you.

Gods are very real. The major difference between an Indian Medicine Man and an Indian Warrior, is that the Medicine Man passes more than clip in the Spirit World. He cognizes that is where the powerfulness is.

We became such as stopping point friends that Willie invited me to travel with him to the Hopi North American Indian sacred caves in four corners.

While I was there I was greeted by the grandfather. A very aged but very wise and functional Hopi North American Indian Medicine Man.

I was allowed one visit to one of the sacred caves, with Willie.

I saw a 3000 twelvemonth old pictograph painted on the cave walls.

It was a line drawing of three seafaring ships in line.

When we left the cave Willie smiled and nodded. He told me that the Hopi Indians the keeper of North American North American Indian history, knew of the approaching of Capital Of Ohio over 1500 old age before he showed up

Remind me to state you the narrative of how I establish pictograph runic letters in a cave on the drop walls of Superstitution Mountains.

Willie had to remain over, in Four Corners, so I had to do the long thrust back to Capital Of Grand Canyon State myself in my ole 1979 Contrivance pickup.

When I left the Hopi Indian reserve I started down the long high desert main road towards the giant Indian Rock Monuments that this portion of Arizona is so celebrated for.

I passed the most celebrated Ship Rock Memorial and roared on down the higway at 70. These main roads are straigth as an arrow, and devoid of all traffic.

You could experience the Indian Power all around you, especially when you passed one of the standing sacred rocks.

Suddenly it started!

At first Iodine thought something was incorrect with my steering, it was awfully tight.

I was being pulled to the right. Not knowing what it was my first inherent aptitude was to decelerate down to 40.

I instantly started to chant my Odin Rituals.

These repetitious Odin chants have got pulled me out of many hard musca volitans before. Both on the physical airplane and the interior planes.

I softly chanted, "Odin, Odin, Odin usher me. Odin, Odin, Odin mend me. Odin, Odin, Odin protect me." My favourite for it covers all bases.

The guidance was still tight and the wheel seemed to desire to draw me more than than and more to the right.

Then it locked up. Did my guidance box break? Did I lose all fluid?

I felt the hairs on the dorsum of my cervix base up. I looked down the route and there about a statute mile away stood two very big jagged and powerful Indian rocks. They were very fold to the road, one on each side.

My chanting got louder and faster. "Odin, Odin, Odin usher me. Odin, Odin, Odin mend me. Odin, Odin, Odin protect me."

The guidance wheel was jammed and I was drifting to the right very slowly. With all my strength (I weigh 225) I could not stir it. I could see that I was being pulled towards the jagged Indian stone on the right.

No more than formalities. I shouted as loud advertisement I could, "Odin, Odin, Odin .........."


I swallowed my fearfulness and jam-packed the gas bicycle to the floor. I had to acquire past those Indian rocks.

Forty-five, 50 ........ I was going to run this Indian Gaunlet or decease trying. No turning back.

At 70 Iodine literately flew at the Indian rocks.

This was indeed a conflict to the death. (Have you ever been in a conflict to the death?) The barred stering wheel, the jagged Indian stones and my every musculus straining to turn back to the center of the road.

Plus don't bury my Odin, Odin, Odin at the top of my lungs. (I never bury ODIN, especially in a Tight spot)

I don't cognize how I did it but I flew past the Indian stones like a rocket. And as I set distance between myself and those deathly stones the wheel loosened up.

I got to the center of the route and slowed down.

The followers hebdomad I met willie Whitefeather and told him what had happened.

He stayed soundless and becokoned me to follow him. We got into his old toyota pickup truck and headed to the desert. Once there, still soundless Willie took his medical specialty bag with him and went out alone.

He stopped by a little gun barrel cactus and sprinkled bluish maize repast around it in a circle. Then he sat down, held his sacred medical specialty pouch in his both custody and closed his eyes.

I knew that he was seeking a Vision.

After awhile he got up, thanked the Great Spirit and came back to me.

"You were attacked by two Apache Spirit warriors" Wille said.

"They felt your warrior spirit and were angry that you should be allowed on the sacred Hopi North American Indian grounds. For they were never allowed such as an honor", Willie continued.

So they decided to destruct you but taking control of you motortruck and crashing you into one of the jagged rocks.

Wille stopped and smiled. "It was when that one-eyed warrior spirit appeared and took control of the guidance wheel. He drove the Apache liquor away.

"Ragnar," he smiled, "you did not make it."

"Odin Iodine asked?"

Yes Willie smiled and nodded.

For those who don't believe. I inquire you:.... "how many traffic make you have got with the spirit world?" How much make you believe in the gods/goddesses of your people? How much make you believe in the Great Spirit. Rich Person you go too materialistic? (believe in lone what you can touch, smell, see?)

Get out of the large metropolises before it is too late. Take your children back to nature.

Thank you for listening.

Ragnar Storyteller

I had put up the Resonant Frequency of Odin. His warring energy came out of the Measure Ocean (where he now resides) and covered my motortruck with his powerful energy.

The Apache Spirit Warriors felt it and ran.

You make not necessitate (nor make I believe many of us have got the power) to pull Odin in the flehs to assist you. Attracting his energy in modern times of danger is enough. (Laws of Measure Physics and Resonant Frequencies.)

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