Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Real Secret - Why I am Sick of Hearing About the Secret & the Law of Attraction

Have you read The Secret? Rich Person you seen The Secret? Bash you cognize about The Law of Attraction?

I'm growing so tired of these questions.....

But first, before I get my rant, delight let me to state that I make believe in, use, practice, and benefit from the law of attraction. You can too.

Having said that, here is my harangue

It's not so much the secret or the law of attractive force that I am ill of actually. It's the people that say "All Iodine have got got to make is set my desires out there to the universe, and everything I desire will come up up up my way."

Oh, bull!

This attack acquires adopted by so many of the lazy dreamers out there, who believe they just have to believe about something and desire it bad adequate and it will come their way.

Yes, absolutely, when you set yourself out there, take risks, and acquire into action, good things can and will come your way.

That however, is not the law of attraction. That is the law of action. That's the existent secret. Good things might come up up to those who just wait, but only those things left over by the people who have got taken action.

You must acquire into action, set yourself out there, and be in the place to detect and have the good things that come your way.

So spell ahead and set what you desire out there to the universe, and then acquire into action so you are ready for when what you desire shows up.

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Thom said...

I completely agree. I am writing a small series on the Law of Action on the QLog which you might find interesting:

Let me know your thoughts.