Thursday, July 26, 2007

Grief And Loss, My Story

I've been authorship these sorts of narratives for about 10 old age now. I started handing them out to clients in my therapy pattern to see how they would react. Their responses were typically positive. Those in heartache knew right away how their loss had affected them and they reported finding comfortableness here in these words.

A few old age ago, I establish out for myself what an impact these narratives could have got when I went through the heartache of losing my mother. That event tossed me into a state where unhappiness and loss were my chief companions. I stayed there for many months. Re-reading the narratives and contemplations brought me hope. They provided comfortableness when I turned to them. I was reminded that my gift for authorship had come up from above, that these narratives had arrived via "cosmic e-mail," and they could profit anyone, including myself.

At first, I couldn't understand why I had been "selected" for this. Then it occurred to me that, to this point, this had been my life theme. Seeking comfortableness for myself through my ain trials and trials had steered me towards guidance and therapy where I brought comfortableness to others because I knew how they felt. I "knew" these experiences from the interior out.

I'm not in those fortune anymore. My heart, which had been badly bruised in earlier years, have been mending nicely for some time. I had to allow travel of my private pattern because I'd given too much, and not conserved enough emotional energy for my ain needs. Burnout is a very tough lesson.

Here I am at this phase in my life, reflecting on what I've done and wondering where to travel next. These narratives and contemplations come up back to me now in a vastly different way. I see them as a gift to myself and to those agony through their ain losses. Having been there a few more than modern times lately, I think it's clock to share once again. My last large loss was my calling and, as a result, I've had to larn how to reconstruct myself into the individual I'm supposed to be now, as per the Cosmic Plan.

Currently, my life is more than about giving, caring and, yes, "receiving." That's a large word nowadays. So many of us workaholics were too busy slamming into walls to see the virtue of that one. Not to worry, I'm in good company. Thousands more people are colliding with their several walls these days. If it isn't work related "burnout," then it's the decease of a household member or friend. Climbing the ladder of success for hand clapping or that corner business office have lost its luster. So many people are now saying "I don't believe so, not anymore." All of those ends that "invite" and then "take us apart" are semblances of course. I, like so many, was seduced into believing that this was the right path; till we crashed.

This book is for "lovers," for people who desire to fall back in love with their Self, in the healthy sense, in the artistic and ingenious sense, in the manner that Supreme Being designed us. "In His Image" right? Well, so it states in the good book. Let's return a near expression shall we. Are we here just for ourselves, or to do a contribution? Are we here to soar up with the eagles, or to fire up like a falling satellite? What's our narrative anyhow? Let's inquire that and see what replies we come up up with.

Yes, let's look at ourselves more than closely and ask: "What makes Grief have got got got to learn me?" Let's human face it, when the bits are down and we don't have friends to attain out to, then we have very little. Because what Grief says, loud and clear, is: "You can't make this alone." And that is it in a nutshell. Let this book be your "friend" for now, while you travel out there and obtain some comfortableness and loving, the sort of friendly relationship that volition remind you: "You are not alone." He'll be there waiting for you, in whatever "shape" you require. Count on that and: "Believe."

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