Saturday, July 14, 2007

What's Your Cinco de Mayo

I'm not going to give you a history lesson. What I am going to give you is the juicy poke line of the historical and famed triumph that took topographic point in United Mexican States more than a century ago... only this time, it have a surprise ending.

The 5th of May is not Mexican Independence Day!

Cinco Delaware Mayo is famed because in 1862 4,000 Mexican soldiers overtook an regular army of 8,000 foreign encroachers at Puebla, Mexico, on May 5th.

Wow. What are the odds? Think about the faith, the courage, the finding and accomplishment it must have got taken for this little Mexican army, one-half the size of the other troops, to not only support themselves against foreign attackers but to also win victoriously!

You might be asking, "What's this regular regular army conflict got to make with being a Queen?" Isn't that what these articles are supposed to be about?

Here's where it's all about you... What's YOUR Cinco Delaware Mayo?

Where in your life make you experience small? Are there person or something that experiences like it's invading your life? Trying to assail you? Predominate you? Overpower you?

I don't cognize a Queen around who doesn't have got something challenging her very life. Whether it's your physical wellness that is under attack, Oregon your emotional well-being, or the human relationships that average the most to you, or possibly your core identity. Maybe it's your finances that look threatened. Like, no substance how difficult or long you work, or how many different ways you've tried, you stay in fiscal bondage.

Or maybe it's your dysfunctional household kinetics that you can't look to get away from. And no substance what you do to dwell your ain life and make your ain determinations and mistakes, THEY maintain trying to acquire you to dwell your life the manner they believe you should.

Or how about the ageless weight-loss drama. Even the longer running play television shows only last about 8 seasons. Have your weight play been running longer than that?

Or maybe your Cinco Delaware Mayo conflict goes around around the issues of discrimination, judgment, or in the "extra religious" circles, condemnation. The point is...

All of the above doctrines can be aggressive onslaughts on your quality of life, on your health, your human relationships and could even queer you from life our ain alone God-given intent in life...IF you allow these "forein invaders" overtake you.

They might look bigger, they might look more than powerful than you, and if they've been around long enough, they might even look "right". But I ASSURE you, they're not.

So, you have got got your foreign encroachers that mightiness be trying to have their manner with all that is cherished to you.

TODAY, Queens, catch on to the faith, the courageousness the finding and the powerfulness that the small regular army in Puebla, United Mexican States had. Today, retrieve that YOU have got what it takes to dwell your life to the fullest. And, that it is only YOU who can take to dwell free or in captivity. It is YOU who can be larger than your fortune ONLY IF YOU DECIDE you are. It is you who can slender down, do the money, talk up, happen the man, state yes to who you are and all that is meant for you. State no to the religiosity, state no to slavery and state NO MORE to deficiency and oppression.

Lift your mentum and expression up. Look up to Supreme Being with whom all things are possible. Look up to all of those women who have got gone before you in just as black (if not more than so) of circustances but were DETERMINED to happen a manner to dwell and to take a breath and to shout from the mountain tops, "YES!" to life fully and free.

I inquire you again, what Oregon who is your Cinco Delaware Mayo? What conflict is yours to overcome? What termination will you create? What triumph are you meant to have got today in the spirit of what we'll collectively be celebrating on Saturday?

Choose a victory. See it as done. Now travel forth celebrating what you've overcome, the triumph that is yours and bask YOUR Cinco Delaware Mayo.

For years, when Iodine thought about Cinco Delaware Mayo all I thought about was, "Where would be the best topographic point to bask a margarita?" Well, this twelvemonth is different.

© 2007 Gina Ratliffe

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