Monday, August 6, 2007

Can Prayer Improve Your Personal Life?

Prayer can better your personal life if you believe in it. If you don't believe in the powerfulness of prayer, you will not profit from it.True supplication is not begging or beseeching, it is right knowing. It is not a substance of trying to do something happen, but of becoming aware of that which already is. It is not a clip to state "Please", but to state "Thank You". It is a substance of attaining a state of head that licenses Godhead action to show itself in us and through us. It is a word form of acknowledgment of God's perfecting action and our resignation to it.

It is true that supplication alterations things but only because supplication alterations us. Godhead order makes not necessitate to be altered. We must do the accommodation if things are going to be different. Effective supplication alterations our manner of thought and feeling. It open ups us to new thoughts and new points of position which take to ego improvement.

Have you ever met the type of people that always look to state the same things over and over, such as as "I was born this or that way", "There's nothing I can make about it, that's just the manner I am". Subconciously, they put themselves up for failure. They look ignorant of the fact they can better themselves and they can defeat their weaknesses.

Prayer raises us to another level, it learns us that we are not meant to give to our weaknesses, but to defeat them. Self improvement is life's chief purpose. The law of life states us that we cannot base still. We must grow. We must maintain improving ourselves. That is life's chief issue. All of life's experiences are for the intent of improving ourselves.

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