Monday, August 13, 2007

A Wooden Table

Once upon a time, there was an old adult male who lived with his son, daughter-in-law, and a six old age grandson. Because he became older, his custody were rather brickle and trembled. His seeing became hazy and he walked weakly. The household accustomed to eat together at the dining room. But, the senile old adult male often confused everything. His trembled custody and hazy eyes made him hard to eat the meal. He frequently drop down the spoon and pitchfork from the table. When he took a glass of milk, it would slop on the tablecloth.

His boy and daughter-in-law were getting restless. They were bothered by those things. "We have got to make something," said the wife. "I was bored doing all these things for this old man." Then, the couple made a little tabular array in the corner of the room. They asked the old adult male to eat alone, while they enjoyed the repast in the dining room. Because he often broke the plates, the couple gave him a wooden bowl. Frequently, when the household were enjoying their dinner, they heard sobbing voice from the corner of the room. The crying streamed down on the old man's wrinkled face. But the couple always scolded him so that he did not slop the repast again.

The couple's six old age old boy just gazed upon that and said nothing. Until one night, before the household went sleep, the father noticed his boy was playing with a wooden toy. He asked him," What are you doing, son?" His boy answered," I am making a wooden tabular array and I will show it for Dad and Ma when I am an grownup someday. I will set this tabular array in the corner, where the grandfather usually eats." He smiled and continued his activity.

The couple were surprised to hear what their boy said. They were very bashful because their boy exactly taught them how to have got regard for the aged people and duty as a child. They regretted and admitted they were wrong, and asked their boy not to handle them like that. They also promised to handle the grandfather well.

Good readers, a verse form said: 'Life is a responsibility'. In other word, there is a duty to God, parents, family, our selves, human beings, country, and the environment in our life. If we dwell only for thought of our ain involvement and profit, but exclude the duty and even do other people suffer, surely our life will full of solitariness and pain.

Actually, how bad our parents' human face and fictional character are, they must be properly honoured. How bad their status is, we must sincerely served them. Because someday we will go a parent and acquire older. If we appreciate our parents, learn our children the solid characters, and go a theoretical account parent by doing everything we teach, we will acquire the same grasp from our children and grandchildren.

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