Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Finding Inspiration And Happiness During Difficult Change - From A Little Wet Dog Named Jet

While in college in New Orleans, I lived with my best friend, Microphone Burnett, in a cellar apartment. One nighttime before drifting off to sleep, I heard the rainfall outside coming down in sheets. I felt very happy to be in a dry and comfy bed.

My adjacent witting ideas were of my bed shaking. Upon gap my eyes, I saw Microphone standing at the ft of my bed and heard his voice, "Bill, aftermath up, aftermath up!"

"Okay — what's going on?" I groggily replied. Microphone then said the most confusing thing to me, "Can I acquire on the bed with you?" I was fully awake now.

I knew Microphone like my brother, so I knew he wasn't suddenly attracted to me in a manner I was unaware of before now. Even so, I had to delve deeper. "Why?" I asked. He said, "Why? Put your manus over the side of the bed!"

I rolled over and my manus plunged into cold water. It had rained twelve ins nightlong and we had a ft and a one-half of H2O in our apartment. Mike's bed consisted of a mattress on the floor, so he had been flooded out of his warm cocoon. Soaking wet, he knew my bed included a framework and was off the floor, high and dry. Microphone is no dummy. He wanted a piece of it.

Understanding the situation, I welcomed Microphone onto my "raft"…BIG mistake. With our concerted weights totaling 500 pounds, the sagging bed soon became a immense sponge. Moments later, I was as soaked as the large wet rat that had just climbed on.

Still dark outside with no electricity, there was nil to make but put there...cussing under our breath, waiting for the sun to come up up. I say we hoped daytime would cast some visible visible light on what to make next.

At dawn's first light, everything in sight was under water. Suddenly, Microphone and I remembered our dogs, Max and Jet! We hadn't heard a cheep from either one. Immediately our concern for them became intense and frantic.

Jet was a Labrador retriever puppy and Max was a ninety-pound mutt. Since Jet was still being house-trained, he spent nighttimes in the wash room; he's the first 1 we went after. Upon gap the wash room door, there he was with his eyes and olfactory organ barely above water. He had a wide-eyed expression of panic, which changed to contiguous alleviation once he saw Mike's outstretched arms.

Now it was clip to happen Max. There was no sight or sound of him anywhere. We searched to no help and became very worried about how we would happen him. Relief came when I stuck my caput in the last topographic point Max could be, the bathroom.

There he was, hunkered down in the lone remaining dry topographic point in the full apartment, the bathtub. The H2O had risen to within an inch from the top of the tub. As Max switched glimpses between the H2O and me, he had the same incredulous look I'm sure Iodine did when Microphone first requested some space on my bed.

Before leaving to happen refuge, we lifted Max and Jet onto a reinforced ping-pong table. After pulling the presence door closed, I looked through the window to do certain they were still okay, just in clip to see Jet autumn into the water.

When we opened the door to deliver him, we realized Jet hadn't fallen off the table. A duck steerer had floated out of a closet. Jet didn't cognize how to swim, but he also had never seen a duck before…and instinctively, he wanted it. So, he had jumped off the tabular array and was swimming like a title-holder toward his heart's desire!

Years later, Microphone and I still happen great wit in our memories of "the nighttime when the H2O came."

Our experience throws powerful penetrations for success in leading change, conquering adversity, rising above challenges, and determination felicity and inspiration. When harmful and changing flood-waters rise up in your life, you have got three choices:

Choice #1: You can be like Microphone and happen a friend to affect in your


Choice #2: You can be like Max and retreat to higher ground, silently

wishing and hoping your challenge travels away.

Choice #3: You can be like Jet; you can larn how to swim and

focus on and prosecute something that brands your bosom sing

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