Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Have You Climbed Seven Summits on Seven Continents?

Last hebdomad I attended Henry Martin Robert G. Allen's, Enlightened Wealth Retreat in Washington, DC. I was learning how to go a millionaire and in the procedure I was inspired by a adult male who climbed seven of the world's peak mounts on seven continents.

Robert Woody Allen introduced this human race social class jock to the audience and the talker simply blew us away with his testimony. Desire to cognize what he said to animate me?

I am glad you asked. The individual that spoke is named Werner Berger, this gentleman is 70 old age old and is the oldest individual in North United States to have got climbed seven acmes on seven continents.

Let me give you a outline of what Werner recently accomplished as a climber. On May 22, 2007 Werner and their climbing military expedition departed their encampment at 9:30pm at nighttime in their effort to acme Saddle Horse Everest.

For those of you not familiar with Saddle Horse Everest, it have an lift of over 29,000 feet above sea level. Werner stated, 'My organic structure is fined tuned and was ready to travel forward, however I was having uncertainties and fearfulnesses about the last leg of the climb."

So how was Werner Berger able to defeat his uncertainties and fearfulnesses and successfully ascent to the acme of Saddle Horse Everest? Werner stated and I quote, "I made an accommodation prior to the concluding leg of the climb, it resulted in my head and organic structure becoming one. Once I became one, I was not to be denied climbing to the acme of Saddle Horse Everest."

Perhaps the mounts standing in your way are not as steep as Saddle Horse Everest, yet you still have got to climb up them because it affects your livelihood. I state to you, set one ft in presence of the other, aline your head and organic structure so it will go one and attain the top of your acme in life.

There is absolutely nil that tin halt you from life your best life possible, all you have got to make is stay focused and never retreat. I cognize you can make it because you were born to win.

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