Monday, November 5, 2007

Feelings of the Oneness

Feelings of unity with the Universe - indeed, with the Omniverse - these feelings are the beginning of the alteration that happens when one gets the procedure of relaxation the neckties of the human race and acknowledging the Oneness that Are All. These feelings may include visions, apparitions, sounds, smells and unusual experiences that have got not yet been encountered. Yet, this consciousness is only the tip of the iceberg to that which lies underneath the consciousness that is awakening.

As each individual moves more than than and more into the awakened state, more unusual experiences are liable to go portion of that individual's life. Energy coursing through the organic structure talks of its becoming alive - fully alive and sensitive to the frequences that dwell the word form and fluent out into the formless. There is the beginning of an intimation of remembering how the moving ridges of manifestation work and pulsation as the current flowings from the field of Beginning downward in frequence to the dimensions in which the word form resides. Such are the feelings and they can be accompanied with ideas of losing control, at hand disaster, even death. Indeed, the egotism gets to experience an egoic decease so it is not far off the mark.

During this time, others see the individual as off balance and in a state of chaos. Even medical treatment may be suggested. Yet, the natural course of study of what is being experienced is so much more than profound and there are no words to impart the state of being that he or she may be experiencing, often changing in each moment. Anger comes; a feeling of desertion, hurting and often suffering, physically, mentally and emotionally.

What is this torture that appears to assail those who are letting spell of the electric currents of the mass consciousness while seeking greater heights? Could it be as simple as the development of the consciousness itself as it gets to acknowledge its ain flicker of Godhead Essence? Could it be that world is created, destined for exactly this; that life have meaning in exactly these profound minutes of trial and pain? Could this ordeal be seen as pleasance and embraced with the love of the Open Heart?

Indeed, this is exactly what is being asked in these moments. As each 1 come ups to the crossing between being earthbound and otherworld-centered, he or she must step across that bounds - filled with uncertainnesses and awful expectancies - and touching the farther shore by setting ft on a human race that volition raise him or her into a space that cognizes no end and had no beginning. It is the end of the hungriness and the fulfilment of that longing which appeared to have got no end. The journeying have been worth the traveling and now the impulse is to convey others to this resting place, this topographic point of Godhead Peace.

As each of you step through these doors in your day-to-day life, cognize that the manner is always before you; that what you are seeking is what you already are and that the presence of the Godhead Maestro of your Open Heart takes you surely and safely to the shore that beckons you. Keep your eyes fastened on that shore and you will surely attain it, no substance the obstructions that look to be in the manner of your unafraid arrival. Your entranceway is assured and your way is secure. The way is through your Heart.

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