Friday, November 9, 2007

We Are Not Told Everything Right Away And For This We Should Be Most Grateful

When Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth Of Nazareth Jesus sent out these adherents to preach, they were also told to mend the sick.

Jesus Jesus is against sickness, and for wholeness.

Jesus is against fear. He desires people to have got economy reassuring faith.

Jesus is against sin, and makes not wish to see people lost, sore, frightened and scarred. He desires to see people found, healed, unafraid and whole.

On this little missionary post they are to take nil which would impede or halter their ministry. They are to be free and mobile and uncluttered. This lone applied for a limited time period of ministry. At other modern times they are told to take what they would require.

His instruction manual are simple. When you travel to a town, if people ask for you in, offering you hospitality, stay there for the continuance of your ministry in that area. Don't travel running around to see if person else will offer you better food.

Don't travel looking for someplace more comfortable. Such activity can often be a mark of anxiety, discontentment and greed.

Jesus, having called these men, and having given them powerfulness and authority, wanted them to swear Him to supply for the physical demands of His servants.

He is teaching, "The manner you live, will reflect what you believe." Now, there is a lesson we so necessitate to larn today.

If you are not received and people will not hear your preaching, nor have your ministry, leave of absence that town. Travel on. Shingle off the dust from your feet. It will be a testimony against them.

Jesus knew what it was to be welcomed, wanted and received, and He knew what it was to be rejected, and told to travel away.

Off they travel in obedience, sermon and healing. He realises that not everyone will receive, but offerings no explanation. We are not told everything right away.

I am so glad that everything was not revealed to me some 40 old age ago, otherwise I might never have got continued. Neither Simon Peter nor Alice Paul knew what put ahead of them as they served and led and preached and taught.

It can be unsafe to understand what is going to go on to us too soon. We simply follow Him in obeisance and trust Jesus Of Nazareth totally to supply and supply.

Sandy Shaw.

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