Monday, November 12, 2007

A Military Man Looks At His Soul

Soul recognition: that's what my married woman said the course of study was called. Dumb, I thought - but I didn't state anything right off. It's an old narrative of mine: believe twice before responding to a woman. A workshop in North Carolina, she said. Did I desire to go to with her? Well, the conception was challenging and got more than so after some questioning. It would be attended by mostly women, and tally by women.

Now of course, I wanted to back up my bride. She is one of those new age women that give hope to us anachronistic cats and, besides, I simply adore her. More than that, I swear her. The fact that she was inviting me seemed pretty courageous on her part. Little did Iodine recognize how courageous I would have got to be. Anyway, the house was beginning to experience constraining and I was ready to acquire out of Capital Of Georgia for a weekend. So I said sure, and before I could reconsider I had taken Delta's unrefundable deal airfare from the Internet.

I must have got failed to pay attending as things escalated. The women were going to offer two courses of study in Capital Of Georgia before the 1 in North Carolina and seven of these goddesses were going to be staying with us. Seven in this three-bedroom house? Whoa! Yes, favorite you agreed, remember? Uh, right. No problem, I said. (I lie, I thought). A captive in my ain home? Seven more put of downy material everywhere? I just planned to withdraw into my computing machine and refused to believe any more than about it. I didn't read the course of study stuff and asked no more than questions. Ignorance is blissfulness (to coin a phrase).

When the aliens arrived, I was flawlessly gracious (I think). They were curiously relaxed and genuinely enjoyable, so I relaxed, too. I only saw them briefly twice a day. They always returned very late and tired yet full of a sort of energy I had never seen. So I didn't acquire to cognize them, but did admire and regard them from a distance. The more than than Iodine observed these beautiful self-assured women, the more Iodine started to ground my manner out of being near to their powerfulness in North Carolina. However, something was going on that Iodine could not do sense of, something telling my head to acquire out of the way. So, with more than than a few misgivings, Iodine boarded the plane.

I felt sandbagged for it turned out that I was the lone adult male attending. Just 17 women and me. These were not ordinary women, you must understand. They were gorgeous graceful goddesses all and I was, to set it kindly, disoriented. I had never seen such as a group. It was their eyes. All of them were clear and intelligent, sparkling and calm. And not a single lady had an docket - to my refreshing, exhilarated relief.

It would be unpointed to depict what happened to me during my peculiar psyche acknowledgment procedure because it is so individual. Just cognize that mine was a sacred denouement with myself. There were no words in it and no words I have got to fairly impart my experience. It kept me out of my caput and led me to, well, my soul. Perhaps that is the secret. It was a purely spiritual clip and not at all a religious one.

I came to some profound realizations. Too many work force in this human race have got never been loved by any woman. Sadly, that is a great loss for our planet. Many men, I presume, have got known a woman's love. Far fewer work force in this human race have got known the unconditional love of a woman. I was lucky adequate to have got been blessed with the latter experience and wise adequate to marry. Twice. But what I had never known (and I don't cognize a adult male who have in this age) is the unconditional love of women. That is, until now.

To my ageless delight, that is what I experienced at the workshop. These women, all of them, gave me their attention. They listened and heard me. They really saw me, they touched me, they laughed with me, and they honored me in my strengths and weaknesses. It was a beautiful, humbling, and sacred experience that inevitably opened a portion of me long hidden from myself and the world. I saw my true nature, and so did they. I don't cognize how, and I don't care. It turns out I am an all right guy.

I have got to state that I had issues with that folk of the existence called female. I thought that women's rightists were misguided in trying to be like men. I thought we should observe our differences instead. Now I cognize there is another possibility - that work force and women observe their similarities. We are all great psyches and that fact golf course us all. Nothing else really matters.

These similarities I talk of are more than of import across this planet than the outer human race of appearance, belief, and history. Our interior psyches share a Negro spiritual deoxyribonucleic acid and wait for acknowledgment and awakening.

Does anyone out there desire to happen the remedy for war? See this: Why would I struggle my ain DNA? I was not created to destruct myself. Why would I struggle you who transport that same Negro spiritual heritage? If we all come up to understand this, then warfare is history. Call it what you will, the measure energy of the psyche is the 1 thing that links us all. And it can salvage us all, too.

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