Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Is Pain and Sickness Essential Component of Creation

Did the Creator create with the intention of afflicting pain upon all creation? In what way does the suffering of creation benefit the Creator. . Did the creator create sin along with the creation? If so, what was the objective? Did he make sin so attractive and enticing that all creation will automatically fall into sin so that he can punish them? That must be the scheme of a villainous creator not that of a loving creator. I cannot imagine that the creator contrived such a plot . If not, why do we so frequently commit iniquities?

I believe that the Creator is Love, infinite unconditional love. If that is the truth, why did the Creator create sin at all? The reason is that a loving Creator had to give freedom to his creation . Freedom means the right to disobey and commit sins.

If He created everything as objects of hate, to persecute and punish and to see all creation writhe in pain and beg for his mercy we would be in pain eternally. That is not what is happening.

Can we imagine creating something to hate. Let us suppose that we hate our neighbour. Will we be anxious to have him as our neighbour to be always looking at him and hate the sight of him.
If we hate him we would not want to look at him.

Now let us investigate just the reverse. If I love my neighbour then I would want him to have everything he desires, health, wealth, friends, joy, and peace of mind. I would want to give him his freedom to do what he likes. I will not chain him to a post to restrict his freedom..

But freedom means disobeying my commands. I believe that this is what has happened.. The Creator with his infinite love created us to love, help and adore us, to give us everything we would like to have including freedom to disobey him. This is what the Creator did. Therefore pain and sickness are not components of creation.

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